Inbound Youth Exchange

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Our Inbound Youth Exchange (long term) students arrive on a J-1 VISA which is an educational and cultural VISA.  The J-1 VISA is for an academic school year for students ages 15 - 18.6 years old.  We exchange with certified districts, district to district.  Our district contracts and student applications are handled by each districts country officer. Inbound students are placed with a Rotary Club, which handles student placement in the local school and recruiting and vetting host families.

Life for the Inbound Youth Exchange Student

Each inbound student will have new and diverse culture experiences though living with three American host families.  They will attend high school to continue their academics and are encouraged to get involved with sports, music, theater, clubs and other extracurricular activities that are offered.  The inbound student is required to attend the hosting Rotary Club meetings and encouraged to be involved with club’s community service projects.  The inbound student is also welcome to attend all events that District 7120 puts on during the year, which includes optional trips to New York City, Washington DC and the West Coast.  These trips are on the student’s own expense.  Inbound students have Rotary contacts that will keep in touch with the student during their exchange year.

District Vice Chair

The District Vice-Chair works with the District Chair and is responsibly for the Inbound Students and their activities throughout the exchange year.

Pam Schlierf

Pam Schlierf