Outbound Youth Exchange


The Outbound Youth Exchange (long-term) student will experience a life changing year abroad. As a student you must be willing to try new things and embrace a new culture. You will become an ambassador for the Rotary Youth Exchange program, created to build goodwill and make better friendships across the world.  


Rotary Youth Exchange is a program that began 90+ years ago. The program is an attempt to improve international relations between exchanging high school students: You go to a foreign country, your counterpart “over there” comes here and attends our high school here. The vision is that this exchange will contribute to world peace and understanding through improved communications at a very personal level.


Spain, Japan, Chile, Switzerland, Taiwan, Italy, Argentina, France, Sweden, Brazil, India, and Thailand are some of the countries that we exchange with.  Click on the following link for a complete listing -  Country Exchange List

The Rotary Youth Exchange Opportunity is an amazing chance to be a cultural ambassador for the United States. Apply for this opportunity through the Rotary Youth Exchange Outbound application. Students are selected based on their completed application and an interview process. Please contact the district's outbound chair or any of our district's country officers with any questions.



The  Rotary Youth Exchange program is open to youths from age 15 to 18 inclusive.  Applicants should be above-average students who demonstrate leadership in their schools and communities.  To fully experience life in another country, they should possess qualities such as flexibility and a willingness to try new things and see themselves as cultural ambassadors of the USA.  All applicants will be sponsored by a local Rotary Club; their applications are handled by the Rotary Youth Exchange District Chair.


A Guide for Exchange Students

District Vice Chair

The District Vice-Chair works with the District Chair and is responsibly for the Outbound Students and their activities throughout the exchange year.

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